Mrs Elaine Green

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Mrs Elaine Green

By Sue Barrow & Sue Smith

We recently received a phone call from a previous member of the Cornwall Goatkeepers Association and long term goatkeeper, Mrs Elaine Green who wrote to us offering some of her old copies of the British Goat Society’s Year Book and past magazines including a copy of the CGAs Cloven Hoof from 1978.  Sue Smith and I went to visit Mrs Green who still lives near Tintagel.

Mrs Green is now in her 90s and first kept goats when they lived in Stoke Poges and brought them to Cornwall after buying a home in Tintagel and building a holiday chalet business.  Her herd name was Framewood, as Sue Smith found after delving into back copies of the BGS Herd book.

We spent a delightful afternoon hearing about the pleasure she and her holiday visitors got from her dairy goats who roamed freely around the property.  From her showing days Elaine remembered the indomitable Jean Gorden Macloed and kept milking her many dairy goats until arthritis got the better of her.

Not only did Elaine keep goats, but she was also a keen radio ham, using her call-sign “GOATS” to speak to other enthusiasts all over the world.

She spent the war working in the accounts department of the Canadian embassy who had office space requisitioned at the back of Harrods in Knightsbridge. 

Her family kept goats even then and we have copies of the wartime BGS Year Books, with articles on Wartime Legislation for Goats with most goat products excluded from rationing for home use, rationing of fodder, but also the continued registration of goats with the exhortation from the Minister of Agriculture to increase production and “Improve!”, there is even an article from 1945 on Performance Testing. 

The books include detailed articles on feeding forage and root crops, making delicious butter and advice on mastitis and enter-toxaemia in goats.  So much of concern to goatkeepers really hasn’t changed over the years, even complaining about regulations.  They were fully aware of the usefulness of goats’ milk for eczema sufferers (from a dermatologist) and the digestibility compared to cow’s milk “Not only the protein, but also the fat of goats’ milk is more digestible; this is due to the smaller particle size”. Shows kept going throughout this period and there are delightful photographs of the Mostyn Saanens and Malpas Anglo Nubian herds, a few of the photo pages are included below.

Sue and I had a delightful afternoon with Elaine and we wish her and her family well.

Sue Smith is holding the books donated to the Association if anyone would like them.


Mrs Elaine Green

Drawing of Mrs Green's Goats and Radio Shack overlooking Tintagel Bay

1945 AN Kids and Mostyn Saanens

Wartime Snaps 1945

Murrayston herd of Toggenbergs

1945 Here and There

1945 Westhaven British Saanans

1943 Some of our Breeds of Goats

Good Milk Records

Malpas Herd 1943